Bali Queen Necklace Black/Silver Tree of Life Beaded Cord Necklace

Tree of Life Beaded Cord Necklace


The Tree of Life is a 32 foot high  tree that is over 400 years old. It is on a hill in a barren area of the Arabian Desert, 1.2 miles from Jebel Dukhan, the highest point in Bahrain. It is not certain how the tree survives. Bahrain has little to no rain throughout the year. Its roots are 50 meters deep, which may be enough to reach the water.

Rhodium is a rare, silver-white hard metal in the platinum family. It’s resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air — rhodium also increases the durability.

One of the biggest upsides to rhodium plating is it’s nickel free, making it hypoallergenic. Longevity can depend on ones body chemistry.

40" length




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