Haystacks Brand Sizing Guide

Haystacks clothing is made to fit most anyone.  You may choose whether you would like to wear our garments more snug fitting, or looser. Our fabrics are all stretchy and very comfortable; they give you a chance to size up or down to obtain the look you desire.

These size charts are the actual garment measurements--each garment will stretch to accomodate the fit desired.


X-Small       22” waist, 20"-21” length, 28” hip  Size 0-2
Small           24” waist, 20"-21” length, 32” hip  Size 4-6
Medium       26” waist, 20"-21” length, 34” hip  Size 8-10
Large           28” waist, 20"-21” length, 36” hip  Size 12-14
X-Large       30” waist, 20"-21” length, 39” hip  Size 14-16
*Note: Length is measured along the side seam of the skirt and there may be a 1 inch variation depending on the specific fabric.
The Bias Skirt is our most popular style, and the style that we are known for.  It has lettuce edges on the top, bottom, and sides.  The Bias Skirt is stretchy and has no waistband. It will not ride up or slide down. You will be amazed at the comfort of this flattering, comfortable skirt that is made by and exclusive to Haystacks. You may size up and down depending on fit desired. Many of our customers buy skirts in two different sizes depending on where they are going to wear the skirt.


X-Small        31” bust, 29” waist, 25” length, 34” hip, 16” arm length
Small           34” bust, 32” waist, 25” length, 36” hip, 16.5” arm length
Medium        35” bust, 34” waist, 26” length, 37" hip, 16.5” arm length
Large           36” bust, 35” waist, 26” length, 39” hip, 17” arm length
X-Large        40” bust, 38” waist, 26” length, 40” hip, 18” arm length


X-Small     26” bust, 26” waist, 32” hip, 23” length (top of shoulder down)
Small        28” bust, 28” waist, 34” hip, 24” length (top of shoulder down)
Medium     30” bust, 30” waist, 37” hip, 24” length (top of shoulder down)
Large        32” bust, 32” waist, 38” hip, 24” length (top of shoulder down)
X-Large     34” bust, 34” waist, 40” hip, 25” length (top of shoulder down)
X-Small   26” bust, 25” waist, 30” hip, 32”/25” length from shoulder
Small       28” bust, 27” waist, 32” hip, 32”/25” length from shoulder
Medium   30” bust, 29” waist, 34” hip, 33”/25” length from shoulder
Large      32” bust, 31” waist, 36” hip, 33”/25” length from shoulder
X-Large   34” bust, 32” waist, 40” hip, 35”/25” length from shoulder
X-Small      28” waist, 32” hip 11” rise, various inseams, 20” wide leg  * Size 00-0
Small         30” waist, 34” hip 11” rise, various inseams, 22” wide leg  * Size 2-4
Medium      32” waist, 38” hip 12” rise, various inseams, 22” wide leg  * Size 6-8
Large         34” waist, 40” hip 12” rise, various inseams, 24” wide leg  * Size 10-12
X-Large      36” waist, 43” hip 13” rise, various inseams, 26” wide leg  * Size 14-16
XX-Large    38" waist, 45" hip 14" rise, various inseams, 27" wide leg  * Size 18-20
Inseams: Clam: 17 inches   Crop:  25 inches   Full:  29 inches   
Our energy pants have an 1.5" elastic waistband. You may size up or down according to desired fit. Most often people size down when debating between two sizes. We do not offer "flatter" sizing, however the stretch of this fabric allows you to choose the fit desired 
Haystacks brand leggings are a one size fits most garment. they will fit from 00-12 comfortably. 
The Haystacks Ballet Top is a flattering semi fitted top that can be worn off or on the shoulder. its shorter length and versatility is great for layering or worn alone. Many women like to layer the popcorn poncho or popcorn shrug over the ballet along with a coordinating bias skirt or pant. this top runs Small to Large and is sized as a semi fitted flattering garment with lots of stretch. Most women order their size, except in the "crinkle" fabric, we recommend sizing up one size, as this fabric does not have as much stretch.


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